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About Us



Welcome to Dinner-licious!

We are the San Francisco Peninsula's one and only organic, balanced family dinner service. 

Here’s a little more info about us…

We’re Jill Daniel and John Savage, partners in business and life, and we’re parents too.

We started this business because we knew firsthand how hard it was on a weeknight to have a freshly-cooked quality dinner at home. Between our former demanding careers (John: Restaurant Management) (Jill: Freelance Magazine Journalist for Bon Appetit, Cooking Light) and our young child’s school commitments and extra-curricular activities, we often endured dinner on the run or a not-so-appetizing dinner thrown together at the last minute.  Our lives were completely out of balance, and dinner was only one aspect of it!

One day, we couldn’t take it anymore--and next thing we knew, we were putting the skills in our previous careers to better use: to put family dinner first, for our family, and for yours.

When we envisioned our Dinner-licious logo, we wanted to illustrate 3 defining concepts of who we are and why we do what we do…if you take a look at  the logo, you can see that within “Balanced Family Dinner Delivered” are…

1.  Balanced Family

2.  Family Dinner  

3.  Dinner Delivered

What you can expect from us:

Freshly-prepared, never frozen dinner.

Fully-Cooked Dinner that Reheats in 15 Minutes or Less.

Menus for Adults and Kids.

Free Delivery, Monday-Thursday, to your home or office.

Family-Style or A la Carte Ordering.

If it's available organic, we're using it to make your dinner.

Wild and Sustainable Seafood

Recyclable/Reusable Packaging.

No Tax, No Tipping, No Stress.

From Our Family to Yours,

Jill and John